4 arrested in connection to armed robbery of Wilton Manors man

WILTON MANORS, FLA. (WSVN) - - Police have arrested four suspects in connection to a violent robbery, days after a Wilton Manors man was ambushed.

According to police, 18-year-old suspects Darrion Vankleeck, Corey Dukes, Adolfo Vela and Ann Feeley have all been arrested, thanks to an anonymous tip, in connection to their involvement in the armed robbery of Wilton Manors resident Denis Kladchihin, last week.

Police passed out flyers of the incident on Thursday, and officials said it helped to crack the case.

Officials said all four teens confessed to the Feb. 12 robbery.

Kladchihin said he is thankful that an arrest was made. “I’m sure they’re gonna go to jail,” he said. “I’m sure that, but I’m not happy for that. I’m glad that if they’re gonna go to jail, maybe there are gonna have less people on the street who able to do that.”

Police announced, Monday, three of the four suspects are being held in jail without bond. Feeley was not charged by police for her involvement in the robbery. However, she has been charged for being an accessory to the crime.

She has since bonded out of jail on a $5,000 bond and is back home with her parents. 7News tried to speak with Feeley, but no one came to her family’s front door.

“I wanna thank an anonymous tipster who called our police department and provided us critical information regarding this case,” said Wilton Manors Police Cmdr. Gary Blocker, “which allowed us to identify these individuals and allowed us to track them down and apprehend them.”

According to police, on Feb. 12, Kladchihin was walking home, along the 100 block of Northeast 21st Court, when a neighboring surveillance camera caught two subjects crouched behind a bush.

Kladchihin was then ambushed by the duo. One of the subjects pulled out a weapon, police said, as they were chasing the victim on foot.

According to investigators, when they couldn’t catch up to the victim, an accomplice driving a car pulled up, and they continued the pursuit. They managed to catch Kladchihin down the street. Kladchihin was pistol whipped and robbed off camera.

Kladchihin still walks with a limp and has visible cuts and scrapes on his arms. He said he is trying to adjust after the robbery.

“I started to worry, who was following me,” he said, “I’m afraid to stay at my apartment alone. It’s weird.”

Police said they got away with a cellphone, a driver’s license, a debit card and $12.

“The Wilton Manors Police Department will not tolerate acts of this nature in our city,” Blocker said. “We are prepared to deter, detect and apprehend criminal acts of this nature.”

Future court hearings for the remaining three suspects have not been announced.

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