2 women driven to hospital after shots fired at Miami park

MIAMI (WSVN) - Two women had to be driven to the hospital after they were injured when shots rang out at a Miami park.

About 20 rounds were heard blasting through the neighborhood at West Buena Vista Park, near Northwest 45th Street and 11th Place, Wednesday night.

City of Miami Police said one young woman is in stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital after she was shot. Another woman was grazed by a bullet and was also driven to the hospital. Police said both victims were taken to the hospital by friends.

On Thursday, police said the two women have been discharged from the hospital and have returned home.

Surveillance video captured people speeding off for their lives as bullets whizzed through the air.

The bullets popped off feet from single-family homes in every direction that surround the park. One terrified driver cut across the grass to get away from the bullets.

People could be heard yelling and arguing before the shots were fired, the video shows. Witnesses said they watched the bullets fly from a black car.

Piercing screams and cries followed, along with the sound of cars peeling out of the area.

Moments later, police showed up and flooded the area in response to the gunshots.

Cameras spotted one woman outside Jackson Memorial Hospital conversing with officers, and the car that fled across the field also appeared to be at the hospital, as it was loaded up onto a flatbed tow truck.

Loved ones have since arrived at the hospital, as officers begin their investigation into the shooting.

No arrests have been made.

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