2 pit bulls jump fence, kill goat and injure pig in Broward neighborhood

NEAR FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) – A family has been left devastated after two pit bulls killed their goat and injured a small pig.

Uri Ostrovsky, the goat’s owner, was enjoying breakfast a his home near Fort Lauderdale with his family when the attack happened Sunday morning.

“It was a vicious, vicious attack,” he said. “Two pit bulls from the neighbor behind me over here jumped over the fence.”

Ostrovsky said the canines went over to his goat pen, attacked a small pig and killed one of his goats.

“The two pit bulls jumped on her, bit her in the head, ripped her ears,” he said.

The goat that was killed recently gave birth to two kids.

Ostrovsky said the animal’s death has been devastating for him and his family.

Over the past 14 years, he said he has adopted eight children out of foster care and said the animals are there to help support them and teach them responsibility.

“They need to feed them. They need to clean them. They need to take care of them. They teach them for life,” he said.

Ostrovsky doesn’t blame the dogs, nor does he think pit bulls as a breed are dangerous animals.

But, he said, these two specific canines have been aggressive in the past, and he believes his neighbors should be doing more to prevent attacks.

“You have an animal that is dangerous, make sure that it cannot hurt nobody,” Ostrovsky said.

7News went to the pit bull owner’s home, but the homeowner was not home.

Police said they have given the pit bulls’ owners a citation.

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