HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - Two organizations helping with hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas have returned to South Florida with a dozen cats and dogs for adoption.

The Sea Shepherd crew docked in Hollywood after spending three weeks in the islands, Wednesday.

“We delivered things like food kits, water purification kits,” First Mate Jacqueline Le Duc said. “We were doing feminine hygiene, personal care. Anything you could really need after a hurricane.”

It is a different type of mission for the marine conservation organization, but they have also teamed up with Compassion Kind, a global humanitarian and animal welfare organization.

“We just joined forces to bring a load of animals back here,” Aja Nikiya Estro, Compassion Kind’s founder, said.

The two organizations brought back a total of 12 rescues, which consisted of two cats and 10 dogs — mostly puppies they found under a destroyed home.

“They wouldn’t have stood a chance to survive in those conditions,” Le Duc said.

“We had to lift mattresses and debris, and they were unscathed,” Estro said.

The rescues were unscathed and just about ready for adoption.

They will all be held in a 30-day quarantine, and the younger ones will need more time to be ready for adoption.

Those who made the day possible said a lot of animals can be left behind in these situations. They also said what they have seen over the past few weeks has not hit them yet.

“You just see so much need for help that you don’t really let yourself process what you’re seeing,” Le Duc said.

“Some really heartbreaking moments, but also some wonderful triumphs,” Estro said.

If you are interested in adopting some of the rescues, click here to go to Compassion Kind’s website.

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