2 injured after being shot at Miami Beach home; 1 arrested for illegally throwing party

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Police are searching for a shooter who injured two people at a Miami Beach home, and they have arrested a person accused of subleasing the home to throw a commercial party.

Miami Beach Police responded to the scene at 570 South Shore Drive at approximately 10:50 p.m., Sunday.

“We hear 15 gunshots going throughout the neighborhood,” a neighbor said. “Like, I’m literally shaking all day because it’s absurdly crazy.”

According to neighbors in the area, the home is often rented out on the weekends. An orange emergency order violation could be seen posted on the door, Monday night, and it appears the home is rented by Global One Investment Group, an LLC.

“Last night was, like, out of a movie,” said one woman who lives in the area. “We all walk our dogs out here. There’s a little kid that lives next door, and I’m just happy everyone was inside last night.”

She did not want to share her name, but she did share what happened as she was getting ready for bed.

“I heard like a shuffle outside of our window,” she said. “I came outside, and my husband was like screaming, ‘Get away from the windows!’ and we heard like pow, pow, pow, pow, pow — gunshots, about five at this point. There were people everywhere in the street, everyone getting in their cars running away, but we knew this house has been a problem. We’ve been complaining to the city, to the police and to code compliance for eight months. Every weekend, it’s new people. We see them coming and going.”

In a home security video acquired by 7News, several shots could be heard and people could be seen running. It got quiet, and just 30 seconds later, another set of shots rang out. It gets quiet a second time before two more shots were heard.

7News cameras captured several people leaving the home in both personal and ride share vehicles. Cellphone video showed blood on the home’s marble floor.

Officials said one victim was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.

A second victim also arrived at the hospital on his own with an apparent gunshot wound to the lower body.

“The officers told us last night that there must have been some sort of, you know, disagreement,” a neighbor said.

Police said they have received “minimal cooperation” from those who were present at the home as well as those at the hospital.

A person who was inside of the home said the shooting escalated from an argument that spawned from a dice game.

Police said late Monday night they arrested 33-year-old Anthony Shnayderman. He faces charges of health and safety violations during an emergency and unlawful use of a single family home.

The Normandy Shores neighborhood association has reached out to neighbors saying city officials were on to the “illegal short term rental” and wanted to get the parties held there shut down.

7News was also provided emails from March and May to Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales and Commissioner Michael Gongora.

The emails warned the two officials that one person’s “neighbors are in an uproar,” that “at 6 a.m., there were five naked people in the street” and one person “saw a drug dealer actually dealing drugs.”

“It needs to be shut down once and for all,” another person wrote. “It’s illegal and unsafe.”

Gongora said late Monday that he has been assisting residents in the neighborhood since he started receiving the emails.

No arrests connected to the shooting have been made.

7News has reached out to Morales for comment but have yet to hear back.

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