2 arrested on Miami Beach for selling illegal frozen alcoholic beverages

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A man and woman have been arrested for selling homemade alcoholic beverages on Miami Beach.

Officers arrested 23-year-olds Calvin Adonnis Daniels and Yurian Gely Hernandez Ramirez.

“If they’re selling alcohol on the beach, they’re doing something illegal,” said Miami Beach Police Detective Shantell Mitchell.

Daniels was arrested on Sept. 5 while officers searched for illegal vendors on the beach.

Police said Daniels was selling the drinks, made with rum and vodka, for $15 each.

Wednesday, officers later arrested Hernandez Ramirez for the same crime.

“She was in possession of about 75 to 100 alcoholic beverages, and she was prepared to have them sold out here on our beach,” said Mitchell.

Hernandez Ramirez was originally pulled over for not wearing her seat belt at the 1800 block of James Street. It was during that traffic stop that officers found the cooler.

“We don’t know what’s in these beverages. We don’t know how much alcohol is in these beverages. We don’t know who he’s selling them to,” Mitchell said. “They could possibly be selling them to minors.”

Detectives think both cases are connected and are worried about unlicensed sales of liquor on the beach and what crimes they may lead to.

“If you take out your money to go ahead and purchase alcohol, they’re scoping out to see what other valuables you have,” Mitchell said.

In pictures police provided to 7News, Daniels is shown walking on South Beach with the cooler on his back and wearing and ear piece with a microphone. Who he was in communication with remains unknown.

The frozen bottles confiscated from both of the individuals appear to be the same in style, which leads investigators to believe they are connected.

Daniels was charged with selling alcohol without a license and for conducting business without a proper license.

Hernandez Ramirez was charged with unlawfully transporting alcoholic beverages.

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