MIAMI (WSVN) - A homeowner turned the tables on the man who was trying to break into his Miami home when, police said, he shot the intruder, sending him to the hospital, Tuesday morning.

Miami Police said the invasion attempt happened at 6:30 a.m., in the area of Buena Vista East, near Northeast 42nd Street off North Miami Avenue.

“The City of Miami received a call from a female saying that there was an attempted burglary at her home and that her boyfriend had apparently shot the offender,” said Miami Police Officer Yelitza Cedano.

Investigators said the perpetrator had a pair of bolt cutters and was trying to break into the residence. “They were asleep, and they were woken by the alarm,” said Cedano. “Apparently, the alarm went off once. They thought it was something routine.”

The family knew the situation was serious after the second alarm. “That’s when they got up and went to investigate to see what was going on in the home,” said Cedano.

Investigators said the homeowner then grabbed a gun and walked toward the front entrance. “[The subject] was caught off guard by the homeowner coming outside of the house,” said Cedano.

“I heard yelling and then, ‘Help,'” said a neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous. “Then, gunfire.”

“[The subject] was attempting to break into the house through the window,” said Cedano. “The homeowner came outside and shot him outside of the home, alongside of the house, possibly in the alleyway.”

According to officials, the home invader, later identified as 47-year-old Dennis Harris, was holding the bolt cutters in his hands at the time of the shooting. He was struck in the left side of his body.

Neighbors in the area expressed disgust with the recent string of home invasions and shootings in the area. “Four times in mine, four times in another,” said neighbor Isabella Muniz.

“I have heard of burglars and people that are entering houses to rob,” said neighbor Natahlie Perdamo. “Mine, they haven’t, thank God.”

When asked about Tuesday’s incident, Perdamo replied, “It’s frightening. It’s scary.”

Area resident Rachel Straub said she approved of the homeowner’s actions. “As a woman, I’m really grateful that people take action to stop violence, ’cause this is a violent action,” she said. “I’m also a yoga instructor, so I prefer peaceful and passive things when they’re possible, but in the case of someone violating, your right to swing your arm ends when you hit my nose, and that’s what happened.”

“You think that you are secure when you really are not,” said Perdamo.

Harris was transported to the hospital for surgery and is expected to survive. He apparently has a criminal history.

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