1 dog dead, 1 dog transported after Miami duplex fire

MIAMI (WSVN) - A dog that was pulled from a burning duplex in Miami is recovering at an animal hospital, but his loved ones are mourning the loss of a puppy that died in the blaze.

7News cameras captured Max, or “Negro” (“black” in Spanish), as his family calls him, lying in an oxygen chamber at Knowles Animal Hospital, where he is being treated.

His family is also calling the dog a survivor.

Jamie Sanchez said she was taking care of her new puppy, Milo, at the aunt’s duplex while her home was being fumigated.

“Nobody was there at home, so everyone is just kind of distraught over the pets,” she said.

City of Miami Fire Rescue units responded to the scene of the fire in the area of Northwest 60th Street and First Avenue, at around 4:15 p.m., Monday.

“We are in an area where we do have security bars on most of our properties, so it is very difficult to just be able to see very easily with all the smoke conditions that were inside,” said Miami Fire Capt. David Nuñez.

A neighbor tried to put out the flames with a garden hose but was unsuccessful.

Officials said crews pulled both canines from the property.

“We were able to find the animals rather quickly, bring them out and start treating them right away,” said Nuñez.

Unfortunately, the dog she’s had for just over a month did not survive.

“It’s fine, it happens, circumstances. Everyone else is OK,” said Sanchez.

7News cameras captured a firefighter carrying Milo’s body wrapped in a blanket as crews wheeled Max off in a gurney.

Max will spend the next few nights at the animal hospital. Caretakers said he has a good prognosis.

Sanchez said it’s no wonder that he had a look of confusion and sadness. She said the canine has been through a lot.

“Distraught, I’m sure, yeah. He’s come through a lot of losses recently,” she said. “My aunt had multiple pets, and some of them passed away, some of them ran away.”

Sanchez said the damage inside the duplex is extensive.

“The house is kind of like burned, but just material items that can be replaced,” she said.

The neighbor who tried to put out the blaze slipped and had to be taken to the hospital.

Officials said the fire started in the kitchen. They said they want to ensure the duplex is structurally sound before they let anyone back inside.

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