A local surf shop owner had a real scare when a heart problem stopped him in his tracks. 7s Diana Diaz shows us how new technology is giving him a Link to Life.

WSVN — Bruce Cromartie has always had a love affair with surfing.

Bruce Cromartie: “I’ve surfed for over 40 years since I was in my teens.”

He loved it so much he opened his own surf shop in Fort Lauderdale.

Bruce Cromartie: “And over the years we’ve grown it to 16 stores.”

He worked hard every day but a few months ago when he felt something strange which stopped him in his tracks.

Bruce Cromartie: “I woke up one morning and felt a fluttering in my chest. This just didn’t feel right, felt very odd.”

The doctor thought it might be atrial fibrillation, which could be very serious.

Dr. Rishi Anand: “It’s the most common arrhythmia in the United States and unfortunately it puts people at risk for a stroke.”

They tried to take an EKG but the fluttering stopped. So they sent Bruce to see a specialist at Holy Cross Hospital.

Dr. Rishi Anand: “You can think of me as an electrician for the heart.”

That’s where Dr. Rishi Anand inserted a tiny device in Bruce’s chest called the Reveal Linq.

Dr. Rishi Anand: “It’s almost like sci-fi where we insert a little chip underneath the skin and it’s wirelessly monitoring your heartbeat 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The device made by Medtronic, is a third the size of a triple-a battery but it does a lot.

Dr. Rishi Anand: “This device has the ability to automatically record your heartbeat if it sees your heart stop for 3 seconds or longer.”

Now if Bruce feels palpitations again, he uses a remote-controlled device. The size of a garage door opener to record the irregular heartbeat.

Dr. Rishi Anand: “I can hold it up to my chest, press the button, and it marks that for them.”

That information is sent wirelessly to his doctor to diagnose the problem and treat it before a heart event occurs.

Dr. Rishi Anand: “Right now Bruce the device is talking to your monitor wirelessly. It’s actually downloading the information off your little device.”

Bruce got some good news.

Dr. Rishi Anand: “You’ve had no fast heartbeats or tachycardia. You’ve had no slow heartbeats or pauses.”

Doctors still don’t know what caused Bruce’s palpitations so they will continue to monitor him. He’s thankful this new technology is giving him more control over his own health.

Bruce Cromartie: “Feel lucky to live in a world where things like that can be used to prevent potentially very serious problems.”

The device can be kept in the patient for three years if necessary. Doctors are calling it a great diagnostic tool.


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