From great style ideas, to easy ways to stay in touch, it's all in the palm of your hand. 7's Craig Stevens is here now with today's Absolute Must-Have downloads .

WSVN — If you ever wanted a great lifestyle app, we've got you covered.

"Brit Plus Company" is a brand new app full of creative ideas for on the go living. From food to fun, to stylish repurposing. Brit Plus Company will even teach you how to cook.

"Today we're going to teach Brett how to cook his very first pizza from a can."

It's a one-stop shop for modern lifestyle ideas.

If you like to give shout-outs, take a look at this next app. "Tout" lets you share your status with short video clips.

"Hi I'm Lucy Lu and I'm backstage here at Kelly and Michael."

Create an account, then shoot and share on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

"I'm here to bring you this week's hash tag ratings debate."

See what's trending, follow your friends and get your 15 seconds of fame online.

Texting can be tiring, but here's another way to stay in touch.

"Heytell" is a voice message app that lets you say hello. Download, choose a contact, push the button and go for it.

"Hey, let's meet for dinner later."

Send to any contact or export voice messages to Facebook, Twitter and email.Talking is quicker and easier than texting. All you have to do is app-ly yourself.

All of this week's downloads are free.

Britt + Co.