Les Miserables – Hugh Jackman

Forget being miserable. When you see the musical Le Miz this Christmas you'll sing with happiness. Hugh Jackman stars as ex-prisoner Jean Valjean and he's nothing short of spectacular. shIreen: "i don't have an Oscar. this is very important to me." Shireen: "It's my lynt roller. You could hit your right arm over there."Hugh Jackman: "Yeah you're right. Thank you Shireen." Shireen: "You were amazing."Hugh Jackman: "Thank you."Shireen: "I hate to confess this, but I'm not a big musical person."Hugh Jackman: "No confess it, I'm thrilled even more."Set during the french revolution: Le miz is the story of how jean valjean struggles to change his life around, to ultimately become a better person. Hugh Jackman: "It's really a story from Victor Hugo's incredible novel about love, hope and grace, and redemption. I'm actually thrilled it's coming out at Christmas, because it think it's the perfect time of year for it. It's that time of year where you're reflecting on your life and what's most important, and that's sort of what the movie does I think."What was really important to hugh? Getting the role.      Shireen: "You're a huge movie star."Hugh Jackman: "Yes." shireen: "Tell me you did not have to audition?"Hugh Jackman: "I auditioned."Shireen: "You auditioned?"Hugh Jackman: "Everyone auditioned."Shireen: "Everyone?" Hugh Jackman: "There's not one person in this show that didn't audition, my audition was in fact three hours long."Shireen: "What did you do for three hours?"Hugh Jackman: "You sing for three hours."Tom Hooper directed the film, remember he did the Oscar winning movie "The King's Speech." He put his entire super star cast: Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried thru rigorous auditions. Hugh Jackman: "In the end, I think what he was doing is seeing if actors could sing for more than three hours. We were singing live, so whether the take was at eight in the morning, or 8 at night, it had to be as good as it could be."Jackman has done a lot of movies but for him, this one was different. Shireen: "This is something that seems to me that you put your heart into. Now that you're releasing it for everyone to see, how does that feel?"Hugh Jackman: "It certainly demanded more of me than I've ever shown. It's hard to be that raw and that emotional. All of gave 100 percent because of the responsibility that came with these characters, they're all so famous. not just the music, but in literary terms."The movie is rich with emotional layers. It's beautifully shot. And the acting and singing are  excellent. As far as Hugh?Shireen: "And the lynt roller goes to…"