It's the kind of shoe that could brighten up any wardrobe. Shireen: "I'm in love with this shoe, Now, tell me what it's called?"Pam: "It's called the Lita Clear, but we call it You Light Up My Life."That's because the Lita Clear light up my life booty by shoe designer Jeffrey Cambpell, lights up when you walk, literally. Pam: "There's actually an on and off switch. Turn it on when you want it, off when you don't."At Koko and Palenki at the Dadeland Mall after you flick all you have to do is click: Your heels on the floor to get more.Pam: "Maybe you don't wanna turn it on in the daytime. When you wanna save batteries, so you would just put it on at night."Shireen: "One always wants to save batteries, for the more important things in life.The shoe gets its glow from light-emitting diode, that's means LED to me. The lace-up, sky high shoe, isn't't just creative, it's comfy just don't try to bowl in 'em.  Pam: "Jeffrey Campbell always gives a wow factor to everything he does."How long will you have pep in your step?Pam: "It's based on time and wear, just like a battery can last you months, years, it just depends on how often you use it."Don't wanna spread your lights? Go for lace, with this cute cut-out or steel your toe with these fashionable kicks after all, some like it hard.The "Come On Baby Light My Fire" shoe, will cost you around $200 smack-a-roonies and the possibilities are endless.Shireen: "You can go to a club have a romantic dinner weather hurricane season."Loving the Lita lite-up is easy, kind of like a moth to a flame and believe you me, burning this kind of fashion path, has never been so de-light-ful. Want more Lita to lite-up your life? Check-out my fashion blog Shireen's Favorite Things – at or follow me on Twitter @shireensandoval.

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