This is a fertile earth photo shoot being shot at Miami inner city farm earth n' us for a very special calendar.Yup, you heard right These hotties are posing with poo. LANETTE SOBEL: "We wanted to re-connect people and make people re-think waste. And we thought what better way to do it, than with beautiful women."As in the movie "Without A Paddle" Beautiful women can call attention to an environmental cause.The fertile earth girls aren't showing their downstairs it's only compost compost for the cause.LANETTE SOBEL: "The calendar actually teaches you how to compost."LANETTE SOBEL: "It teaches you about composting human manure. It teaches you about fish poop. And it just teaches you how you can take your food scraps every day and turn that into something very useful."These earthy girls got down and dirty…really dirty.PRISCILLA CAROLYN: "The ultimate message and simply put is just to rethink our waste."LANETTE SOBEL: "Waste in one system is a resource in another. If you see a beautiful woman who has fish poop smeared all over her, maybe it makes you think, maybe fish poop isn't as bad as I thought it used to be."One model learned it for real.LANETTE SOBEL: "She had a blast and her skin looked awesome afterwards. There's high-end spas that you can actually pay them a lot of money to smear fish poop all over you."Earth worms are useful too. LANETTE SOBEL: "The worm castings are – they're the most nutritious compost that we know of."This girl posed with 'em…you don't wanna know where. FOR MORE INFO: FERTILEEARTH.ORG

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