WSVN — Take a good look at this face.

Det.Frank Illaraza, BSO: "This guy is a ruthless killer. He had no hesitation whatsoever to kill this person."

Police want to find him. It seems everybody else wants to hide from him.

Sgt. Ken Kaminsky, BSO: "They're scared, they're concerned, they don't want to be seen on TV. They don't want to be putting their head out cause this guy's still at large."

Twenty-six-year-old Kareem Lightbourne wanted for murder. Cold blooded murder.

Seven years ago Kareem was jealous, so he snuck into an old girlfriend's apartment, hid in her closet while a new boyfriend brought her home, watched and waited until she walked out of the room and then police say stepped out and killed Kirk Ennis.

Kaminsky: "She saw Kareem Lightbourne with a gun in his hand, Kareem turned to her and said, 'This is what love is. This is what love is all about.'"

After gunning down Kirk, Lightbourne blindfolded his ex-girlfriend Monifa Smith, put her in his car and drove around for hours.

Illaraza: "Threatened to kill her and do the same thing to her that he'd already done."

For some reason Kareem didn't kill her. He dropped her off and took off.

How does Monifa feel about what Lightbourne is accused of doing at this apartment complex in Lauderhill? How does Kirk Ennis family feel about the man accused of killing him? About lightbourne roaming around having a good time for seven years while Kirk is buried in the ground? I don't know, they won't talk to us. No family member will talk, they are afraid Lightbourne will come get them if they do, but detectives aren't afraid of him.

Kaminsky: "It is frustrating. We have a person who's a ruthless killer. Kareem Lightbourne who's still out there, still on the streets."

After Lightbourne dropped Monifa off, police say he caught a flight to the Turks and Caicos, then flew to Haiti. He might be there, he might be here.

Illaraza: "This is a guy who has livelihood being a DJ. He had a studio up in West Palm Beach with his father, so I'm sure he's not going to stay in the Caribbean. Somebody knows where he's at, he's communicating with someone."

He might be DJing in a club or at parties somewhere. He likes to change his look, he has done it several times, but he he probably still has a tattoo of a microphone on his arm and he is certainly armed and very dangerous.

Kaminsky: "He's not just going to disappear off the earth and hiding out somewhere. Somebody knows where he's at, he's communicating with someone."

So, take a good look at this face. He might have hair, he might not. He can hurt you if he is out roaming around, but he can't hurt you if he is slapped in a jail cell. If you know where Kareem Lightbourne is, make an anonymous call to Broward Crimestoppers. Police would love to put the accused killer where he belongs.

Illaraza: "You can run forever, but sooner or later we'll get you. It happens all the time."

And if you have lost a loved one if you don't want people to forget, give us a call and remind everyone you are still out for justice.

If you have any information on this crime, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a reward.


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