WSVN — Martin Amado: “Back to school usually means shopping for clothes and school supplies. But what about a room makeover for your kids? Well, that’s the challenge for today’s Room for Improvement. I have my toolbag ready. Let’s begin.”

Martin Amado (knocking on door): “Room for Improvement.”

Martin Amado: OK, Micaela, this is your bedroom and you share it with your brother. What’s his name?

Micaela: “Marcellito.”

Martin Amado: “How old is he?”

Micaela: “Seven.”

Martin Amado: “And you are 11. What is your problem?”

Micaela: “I really don’t have any space for me.”

Martin Amado: “Let me get to work. You can enjoy your summer activities. You play.”

Martin Amado: “My goal today is to create separate spaces for Micaela and Marcelo since they both share the same space. So first up, let’s rearrange the furniture. Remember folks, less is more.” 

Martin Amado: “I painted the walls in two colors on purpose. The blue walls define Micaela’s area, the yellow Marcello’s, which means his bed goes right over here.”

Martin Amado: “Now we have this corner of the room ready for Micaela’s brand-new bed.”

Martin Amado: “Whenever you’re assembling new furniture, use the cardboard box it came in to avoid getting any scratches on the surface.”

Martin Amado: “I chose different bedding for each of the kids, but by keeping it in the same color scheme it really ties the decor together.”

Martin Amado: “Micaela requested a desk to do her homework and now we have the perfect corner in her bedroom.”

Martin Amado: “This shelf and magnetic board helps keep Micaela’s desk organized and more functional.”

Martin Amado: “By placing this frosted glass above the bed, now Marcello has a place to display photos, even draw.”

Martin Amado: “And the final touch is recycling the trunk they had in the bedroom already and turning it into a night stand.”

Martin Amado: “Before, Micaela and Marcello’s bedroom was stuck in their toddler years. Now that they are older, we gave them each their own area with new furniture layout and color scheme. The key factor was de-cluttering the room to get rid of non-essential items to get this space ready for back to school. I give it an A-plus.”

Martin Amado: “One, two, three!”

Micaela: “It’s awesome!”

Martin Amado: “Are you happy with everything?”

Micaela: “Yes.”

Martin Amado :”Are you ready for back to school?”

Micaela: “No.”

Martin Amado: “We thank you, guys, for watching at home, and we’ll see you next time on Room For Improvement.”

Micaela and Marcello (in unison): “Yeah!”

Looking for a makeover at a minimal cost? You can reach Martin by calling him at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME, or you can e-mail him at

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