Kids Rehab Network

WSVN — Kim Rowe had no idea she would be a mom.

She met Courtney in foster care when she was just 15 months old and was asked to temporarily take care of the severely disabled child.

Kimberly Rowe: "I'm like, 'I don't know what to do'. I was terrified."

Courtney's medical needs were too much for a regular daycare and Kim had to work full time.

That's when she found Children's Rehab Network.

Kimberly Rowe: "It was like a big relief had been lifted off of my shoulders."

Children's Rehab Network is a daycare for kids with medical and other special needs.

Kellie Brannon: "The kids come in the morning and they leave in the evening, but there needs to be some medical reason that they need nursing intervention throughout the day."

From newborns to age 21, kids with all types of disabilities are welcome here.

Kellie Brannon: "We have children waiting for an organ transplant, we have children that are juvenile diabetic, have cerebral palsy, spina bifida."

Instead of being cooped up at home with a nurse, these kids get a chance to socialize and take part in activities like creating beautiful murals.

Kellie Brannon: "It was set up for children with special needs so they could participate in an art project."

Three-year-old Daisy doesn't look sick, but she suffers from epileptic seizures.

Her mom says a regular daycare couldn't handle her.

Ivette Molina: "When she started seizing, she's like, 'I cannot do this.'"

Daisy has thrived since coming to Children's Rehab Network and with a full medical staff on board, she knows her daughter is in good hands.

Ivette Molina: "I can't even describe what I would do without this place."

Kim feels exactly the same way. Twelve years later, she is Courtney's adoptive mom.

She admits it hasn't been an easy road.

Kimberly Rowe: "She would not be alive today if it weren't for Children's Rehab Network."

But Kim says she couldn't imagine her life without her precious daughter.

Kimberly Rowe: "It is so worth it, she's my greatest joy."

Transportation is provided to and from the center.

Most of their funding comes from Medicaid.


Children's Rehab Network – North:2727 NW 167th StreetNorth Miami, FL 33056Tel: (305) 622-7575

Children's Rehab Network – South:5920 SW 68th StreetSouth Miami, FL 33143Tel: (305) 665-0886

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