Keep Sliced Apples Fresh

WSVN — Join Marti Reich from the The Good Pie Company In Davie as she shows you a way to keep sliced apples fresh.

Marti Reich: "Hi, I’m Marti Reich with The Good Pie Company, and this is a tip for the Online Extra. Today we’re going to show you how fast apples can turn brown as you’re getting ready to prepare them."

Marti Reich: "All you have to do it quickly slice them up, put them in a bowl, sprinkle a little lemon juice on top of them, mix it up, and it should prevent them from completely turning brown."

Marti Reich: "It’s the citrus in the lemon that keeps it from turning brown, so make sure you get a good covering of the lemon juice over the apples, and that’s it. It’s easy as pie!"