Junior Winterfest Captain

WSVN — From doing her homework, to playing with her pet pig Lily, Sydney Lister is a busy teenager. Her dad David said she's always been a fun-loving girl.

David Lister: "Sydney has always been very outgoing, a busybody. Very happy child, always smiling."

The family took a huge hit last year when an MRI of her leg revealed a tumor.

Sydney Lister: "It showed a small mass about the size of a golf ball."

Sydney was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare childhood cancer.

Sydney Lister: "It was just really weird, like I wasn't really sure what to think."

She went through 14 rounds of chemo and a month of radiation. Her hair started to fall out as she prepared to walk in her high school's homecoming court.

David Lister: "I told her I would get her scarves and hats, but she walked around town with her little bald head as proud as could be."

Nothing could slow Sydney down. As part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, she met movie stars like Emma Stone and rocked out with Jimmy Fallon!

Sydney Lister: "It's made me more like happy to be here and more grateful for everything."

Sydney also started her own non-profit organization called Sides.

Sydney Lister: "We're trying to raise money for pediatric cancer, specifically Ewing's Sarcoma."

Her inspiring story and incredible courage is why Sydney has been chosen as this year's Junior Winterfest Captain. An honor she is thrilled about!

Sydney Lister: "I love boats number one. They're so much fun, and I'm just really excited about the whole event."

Sydney said her faith has kept her going through this whole process. She finished her cancer treatment in June and said although her journey has been difficult. She's grateful for every moment.

Sydney Lister: "Definitely changed my life drastically but it was a good thing."

Sydney is glad that being a part of Winterfest will help promote awareness about pediatric cancers.