WSVN — Sure you could go to Jungle Island and play it safe hanging with the parrots, flamingos or even the friendly orangutans Peanut and Pumpkin, but how about taking a walk on the wild side?

Kristen Kendrick, alligator trainer, Jungle Island: "It's kind of an adrenaline rush."

At the new Gator-Xtreme Show, brave divers go from land to water and swim with these predators.

Sean Manning, alligator trainer, Jungle Island: "They are more aggressive on land than they are in the water."

Kristen Kendrick, alligator trainer, Jungle Island: "We do all the dangerous stuff. You guys just watch, laugh and learn."

It's thrilling to watch as the divers interact with the gators underwater, even planting a few kisses while the gator's deadly jaws are wide open!

Sean Manning: "He's a good kisser. He just kind of sits still for you."

Park visitor: "It was entertaining as well as scary, now and again. When they were kissing them, it's really close and their mouths are open."

To bring down your heart rate, head over to the petting zoo for some new additions that will melt your heart. Jungle Island has had a baby boom this summer.

Dr. Jason Chatfield: "We have three baby potbellied pigs, and they are absolutely gorgeous. They are just running around with mom, and it's great for kids to see."

There are also new baby lemurs jumping around and sleepy, baby kangaroos.

Jason Chatfield: "This is one we like to call Little for obvious reasons. She's only 3 months old."

For five bucks, you can feed the kangaroos a bottle, or you can shell out $30 and spend a half hour hanging with these curious penguins.

Lanie: "Feeding them and petting them. They just bit my pants, ha-ha."

To cool off after a hot day of exploring, Jungle Island now has a private beach area called La Playa where you can take a dip, slip down some water slides or get involved in some fun games.

Little girl: "I like doing the limbo and seeing how low I can go underneath it, but like the beach is really awesome."

Abby: "I like the water slides. They are really cool."

A jungle full of fun for the whole family. They are running all sorts of specials for locals.


1111 Parrot Jungle Trail Miami, Florida 33132 305-400-7000 

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