If you haven’t signed your kids up for camp yet, it’s not too late. Campers can jump into a jungle adventure right now. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — If your kids are looking for an adventure, they can get wild at Jungle Island’s brand new adventure camp.

Jungle Island General Manager Beth Heidorn: “This is our first year of launching Jungle Adventure Camp for ages two through 11.”

Kids big and little get to experience jungle life like never before.

Beth Heidorn: “The sights, the smells, the activities, the animals, the water, we just really want them to have an overall exciting experience.”

If you consider petting a python exciting or scratching a lemur under his arm.

“They come from an island called Madagascar.”

Campers get up close and personal with exotic animals, every day.

Beth Heidorn: “There’s going to be a lot of animal presentations, we’re going to be meeting keepers, trainers.”

Kids can express their creative side with arts and crafts, which is part of a different theme each week.

Beth Heidorn: “We have magnificent mammals, we have bodacious birds, radical reptiles, colorful creatures.”

The full day camp includes a tasty snack, straight out of the jungle. Today, they are making birds nests out of pretzels, grapes and gummy worms. And don’t worry about the little ones overheating, the park’s new beach will keep them cool and comfortable.

Beth Heidorn: “We’re going to make sure the kids get to go to on a daily basis, get their feet wet.”

Parents are in agreement, their kids loved the adventure.

Willie Pearson: “I was very surprised he wasn’t afraid, he was very into the birds and the animals and the snakes.”

Michele Marinello-Castro: “It’s also a learning experience, so they’re going to be learning some stuff, even if they don’t realize it.”

Lynn Martinez: Parents make sure you pack a hat or visor and lots of sunscreen.

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