John Agudelo

WSVN — John Agudelo loved adventure. From the Navy in his younger days to sports activities every day.Rocio Agudelo: "He was into skydiving, snorkeling, snow boarding."He loved to have fun. He loved his family.Lilly Benito: "He was like the big brother we never had. And here he always protected us."And John loved to help people.Detective Javier Pineda: "He was a sponsor at Alcoholics Anonymous and he helped many people beat addiction to drugs and alcohol. And he was just a well-liked man."In December 2010, Rocio was talking to her brother about the family getting together.Rocio Agudelo: "And we were coming down and celebrate his birthday cause his birthday was December 29th and we buried him that day." Mourned his death instead of celebrating his life. After he was murdered while coming out of his home to go to work at 6 in the morning.Detective Pineda: "As he's walking down the courtyard of his apartment complex right before he reached the gate he was ambushed by unknown person or persons. At that time he was shot multiple times."Neighbors heard shots but nothing else.Detective Pineda: "They didn't hear any screaming or any commotion prior to the shooting and they didn't hear any screaming or commotion after the shooting."But there was screaming later when John's family found out he had been murdered.Gloria Restrepo: "This pain won't go away until the day I die. I have my daughter, I have my family but it's such a huge pain."PATRICK: "John was not robbed someone came just to murder him. A well-planned ambush by a person who knew the property well. At the time john was killed this gate squeaked badly, the murderer knew that."Detective Javier Pineda: "We believe that whoever is the person or persons responsible for this knew the victim and knew his routine to the point that, that gate that you just mentioned it does make a loud noise when it opens and it close. So that wasn't heard by any of the neighbors at that time."Now, the family only wants to hear one sound, the voice of a someone telling them the name of John's killer.Gloria Restrepo: "I don't want this to be left like this. I suffer, I cry every day, I suffer more and more the loss of my son." It's been a year and a half since John was murdered here in Miami Springs. It made no sense that day. It makes no sense today.Rocio Agudelo: "You should see the day of his funeral. We were just- where did all these people come from? We didn't imagine that he had so so many friends that loved him" But someone secretly hated John enough to kill him. Someone needs to be caught.Rocio Agudelo: "Please come forward, please if in your heart, you know that you killed my brother or you know who killed my brother please come forward that's all we ask is for justice."One anonymous phone call to help nab a killer. If you have any information, please make that call to Miami-Dade Crimestoppers.Lilly Benito: "It's not going to take away the pain because it's not going to replace Johnnie. But it will close a chapter and it will help us–maybe not understand, but say OK it's over and that's what we ask." And if you have lost a loved one and would like to help police track down the killer, give us a call and see how many people are still Out for Justice.