Jewel got up close and personal this weekend at the Fontainebleau.

Just Jewel and her guitar and a small group of lucky fans getting intimately connected.

Nothing says love better than a Jewel tune, but this show is even more intimate, hey, it was Valentine weekend.

JEWEL: "I take requests. I don't do set lists so I just like to read the audience and talk with them and tell stories and it's like being in my living room."

Jewel could be in my living room anyday guests got to meet mingle and take pics with Jewel who's back in Miami for the first time since having her new baby boy.

JEWEL: "I got in this morning with my son. It's his first time in Miami. He's a year and half so he really enjoyed playing in the beach with the sand today. He had so much fun."

And so did the fans who got to hang with their girl. Jewel gave 'em what they craved.

Her poetry and song, but she let Deco in on a little secret involving her new album and the "Original" american idol.

JEWEL: "I recut some songs like Foolish Games with Kelly Clarkson who is amazing to record with."

Jewel's come a long way from the days of living in the back of her van when she couldn't even afford to park at the Fontainebleau. You go girl!