WSVN — It's action outraged pet owners have literally been begging for nearly a year.

Randy Cohen: "It's insane. I can't believe it. They're still on the store shelves."

But as of Wednesday, some brands of imported Chinese chicken jerky treats – are no longer for sale. They've been voluntarily recalled after New York officials detected trace amounts of poultry antibiotics in the treats, antibiotics approved for use in Europe and China, but not in the United States.

Nancy Morrissey: "I found puddles of blood all over the floor and big clots, and the dog was crying and dragging on the floor, and I thought she was dying before my eyes and there was nothing I could do."

As a Carmel Cafiero investigation first revealed last May, the Food and Drug Administration had been warning pet owners for years about a potential link between consumption of the jerky products and sickness in dogs. But not all pet owners were aware.

Debbie Snow: "I absolutely thought Sadie was going to die. I mean, she basically looked like she had been poisoned."

As of September, the treats were blamed for making 2,200 dogs sick and killing 360. The FDA sent inspectors to Chinese plants but maintained it could not find what in the treats was making dogs ill, and could not force a recall based on complaints alone.

Carmel Cafiero: "If you see China on the label, what do you tell your clients?"

Dr. Darko Mladenovic: "I typically say to the clients, 'Stay away from that, try to find a product that is made in the USA or is USDA inspected."

The companies involved in Wednesday's recall insist the trace amounts of the antibiotic do not pose a safety risk to pets, but are still pulling the treats from the market voluntarily.

And here are the brands recalled:- Nestle Purina Petcare's "Waggin' Train" and "Canyon Creek Ranch" treats- Del Monte Foods' Milo's Kitchen "Chicken Jerky" and "Chicken Grillers" home-style dog treats

Local retailers are moving quickly on the news.

Steve Feinberg, Pet Supermarket: "If they feel it's important enough to recall these products, we acted quickly to do so."

At this Pet Supermarket, along with others in the area, the shelves which housed the now-recalled treats are already bare. A Walmart spokesperson confirmed to 7News the retail giant immediately notified its stores and Sam's Clubs to begin removing the affected products. Publix is telling us they have done the same. Customers can return them to stores for a full refund.

In case you missed the brands of treats being recalled, we've got that information on our website. We've also posted the full statements and contact information for companies involved in today's recall.


Nestlé Purina PetCare Company to voluntarily withdraw Waggin' Train®

Milo's Kitchen® Voluntarily Recalls Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers

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