What’s it take to play a bad guy really, really good? For Oscar winner, Javier Bardem it’s about the perfect look, at least for his new role in the movie “The Counselor.”

Shireen: “It was so Miami. I loved the tan.”


Shireen: “Yeah the tan, the hair, how did that happen?”

Javier plays opposite Michael Fassbender who stars as the counselor. An attorney that goes broke and turns to a life of white collar crime to make big cash.

Javier plays the counselors sleazy business partner and he wants you know he created his character’s crazy Coiffe.

JAVIER BARDEM: “It came to my mind very easily actually because this guy is always saying I don’t know, I don’t wanna know that’s what he says in the movie, a lot per the director.”

Shireen: “Yeah.”

JAVIER BARDEM: “And that hair is the kind of hair of guy that doesn’t want to hold things. THOSE ideas come to you and that’s the fun part of it.”

Michael and Javier had to memorize an insane amount of dialogue for the movie. I would’ve been writing it on the inside of my hands, legs and feet.

Shireen: “There’s a lot of talking in this movie.”


Shireen: “And it really falls on the two people in the scene.”


Shireen: “Do you have anything that helps you memorize…and then own it?”

JAVIER BARDEM: “Time, especially in English. In Spanish it’s easier for me, in English it’s hard. I go through the lines, on and on and on with a dialogue coach. I try to go to a point where those words are just part of myself. “

Shireen: “Right.”

JAVIER BARDEM: “But it is hard.”

In the movie, Javier even gets to watch his on-screen girlfriend Cameron Diaz have sex with his sports car it’s outrageous!

Shireen: “How did you first react when you read that scene?”

JAVIER BARDEM: “I thought it was brilliantly put together and, as many other scenes in the movie, very well prescribed – as an actor, you can’t help but want those words to come to your mouth naturally.”

It wasn’t the words I was listening to Cameron does a split on the hood of a car and well, I don’t have the video, believe me, I’d show you if i did.

Shireen: “Did she have a body double?”


I’m soooo going to yoga tonight. Whether he’s playing good or bad:

One thing’s for sure: Javier Bardem is guilt” of being great at it. For the drive, I’m Shireen this is really a body double doing this story Sandoval.

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