Jack The Giant Slayer

In the fairytale "Jack And The Beanstalk" — there's only one hero. But in the new movie "Jack The Giant Slayer" director Bryan Singer doubles your hero pleasure. BRYAN SINGER: "i needed one to be the romantic lead and the other to sort of be the guardian, the pal and i think star wars had Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo, so that was kind of the model."nick Holt's jack is the romantic lead. He opens a gateway between the worlds of the humans and the giants with the beans he swapped for a cow. And so the ancient war between the two starts up again.  NICHOLAS HOULT: "it was a real misjudgment at the time, I was sitting there and I was confused."Ewan Mcgregor plays elmont the guardian. He's sent to save the day. "e" said he loved his role — except for one scene even though he was rolling in dough. EWAN McGREGOR: "Was not fun they had to turn me they had to roll me over and in order to do that they made a mold of my body, which was then like two halves, I had to lay in one mold, the bottom mold and then they clamped the top one on top of me then velcrowed it shut so now I couldn't move and then they had to dress me in it and then they put my clothes on and I got totally claustrophobic."Director Bryan had no sympathy at all. In fact, he took great pleasure in tormenting the cast.Hope it was worth it.