If you own a radio, you have probably listened to South Florida radio star Ivy

Ivy called us after she bought a new house and hired a decorator she had seen on CNN Espanol. Ivy paid Eily Cueto.

Ivy Merced: “It ended up being a nightmare. Like the nightmare of my life.”

And little did the decorator know it would soon become a nightmare for her as well. Miramar Police investigated and charged Cueto with grand theft and operating as a general contractor without a license. Then our story aired.

Lily Merced: “So thank you.”

We had mentioned in the Help Me Howard that Ivy was about to have a baby. Channel 7’s Martin Amado saw it and contacted me.

Martin offered to decorate the baby’s room for free. And he did.

From the babies room, it was then on to a courtroom where Cueto had to face the judge. She pled no contest and was ordered to pay Ivy back $12,000.

Ivy Merced: “I’m waiting for my first $3,000 paycheck to come in the mail, so I’m excited that I get my money.”

She is getting her money to decorate the rest of her house as her beautiful happy baby sleeps in a room decorated by Martin, with a mother and father who adore her.

Ivy Merced: “I owe my life, I owe everything to all of you guys from the camera man to Patrick to Help Me Howard to everybody. Even the Miramar Police Department.”

Ivy’s family is growing. Dave was hoping to see if his family is growing.

Dave Adams: “I’m almost 100 percent positive that the baby was father by me.”

Dave had called Help Me Howard after he found out his former girlfriend had a baby girl. She claimed it was her new boyfriends child. Dave didn’t believe her.

The mother told us she was certain Dave was not the father, but if he paid for a DNA test she would do it. Our story aired.

A few weeks later, the DNA tests were done. Then…

“As soon as I got that email … all day long … that is my daughter. I knew it.”

Dave is excited. The mother, not exactly.

Dave Adams: “She is not happy I found out she is my daughter.”

Dave is now saving money to hire an attorney to go to court to get the rights to see his daughter and financially support her. As those words keep ringing in his ears…

Dave Adams: “Oh my daughter. Oh that is my daughter. I knew it.”

Patrick Fraser: “I believe that’s what they call a happy camper. Enjoy your daughter Dave. That’s the third of three follow up stories in the past few days showing what happens after Help Me Howard airs. The point in the others, to show just how great so many South Floridians are in wanting to help others.”

Troubles decorating your life? Ready to take them down? Contact us. We aren’t good at fatherly advice, but legally we can try to spruce things up for you.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.


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