WSVN — Nothing fuels foodie fetishes more than garlic and meatballs. Loosen your belt and pull up a chair for Sunday dinner Italian style in tonight’s Style File.

Meatballs. Wine and garlic. Oh my! The Oak Tavern is hosting Sunday gravy dinner just like your Italian grandmother would have done it.

Gary Sanon-Jules: “It’s just a lot of fun. Big bowl of pasta, meatballs, you get carafes of wine.”

For just $18 you can join the “Sunday Gravy Dinner” or bring your whole mob of 12 or more for just $200.

Customer: “It’s fantastic. You’ve got Italian music playing, Italian movies, fantastic food, meatballs.”

These aren’t just any meatballs, these are Sicilian style. So good and true to tradition they could be made.

Customer: “Ooozing cheese, had a little spice to it. Delicious.”

Chef Curtis Rhodes: “We bring in pine nuts and currants, a lot of spices like pimentones, sweet and spicy and we just cook it in our house tomato sauce with some rigatoni.”

Add a carafe of wine for $20. Sit back and enjoy.

Gary Sanon-Jules: “So fun, laughter, you get to watch a movie, you’re listening to Frank Sanatra in the background. Lots to love. Lots of love!”

And no Italian meal is complete without the garlic.

Chef Carlos Belon: “Garlic is a perfect condiment. Especially for Italian recipes, Italian food.”

It’s so loved. Garlic has it’s own day. Sunday, April 19.

Giuseppe Marino: “Who knew there was a day devoted to garlic? Love it. I love garlic. I think everyone loves garlic.”

And Cafe Prima Pasta is having a stinkin’ good time celebrating.

Giuseppe Marino: “We figured that most people didn’t know about National Garlic Day, so we decided to have a little fun with it.”

In honor of the date, 4-19, Prima Pasta is going garlic gaga, offering up some of their classics for just $4.19.

Giuseppe Marino: “Our sautéed garlic and spinach, we have a calamari fritti with garlic.

Chef Carlos Belon: “We have the bruscetta with chopped tomato, basil and roasted garlic with homemade bread.”

Customer: “We had the fried calamari and we also had a bean salad and that was great too.”

Wash it all down with $4.19 drink specials too. The bloody mary garnished with garlic chips and garlic stuffed olives will be sure to keep the vampires away.

Chef Carlos Belon: “Some people request more garlic. It’s crazy. We have garlic lovers here all the time.

Gary Sanon-Jules: “Find out what Garlic Day is all about.”

You’re definitely going to need a breath mint after this meal.

Oak Tavern is offering their “Sunday Gravy Dinner” every week. Make a reservation before all the seats are gone. And there are several places offering up garlicky deals on National Garlic Day, April 19.


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