WSVN — She was attacked. Her face cut, her eyes battered and it was all caught on camera and what happened to the attackers? Nothing. So is what appears to be a crime, a crime? It's a question one South Florida woman had for Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Technically, they are related, but they are not a close family.

Andrea Prophete: "She seemed agitated."

It was July 4 and Andrea Prophete was at her in-laws to celebrate Independence Day.

Andrea Prophete: "We were having a barbeque and everyone was hanging out."

Then there was a knock at the door…

Andrea Prophete: "And when my brother-in-law opened the door, she hit him in the face and then that is when my sister-in-law retaliated and they had like a little scuffle."

That woman accused of throwing the first punch is a cousin. In this video, she is the one wearing white pants and when family members came out to try to calm things down, the real trouble started.

Andrea Prophete: "You can hear them screaming obscenities, they were cursing. That is when I started recording them."

The four house security cameras were also recording. Andrea is wearing the red pants and has her back to the door. Keep an eye on the girl in black, she has, what Andrea says, is a key in her hand.

Andrea Prophete: "I said, 'You are trespassing' and that is when she literally, she runs and punches me on the face and then I hit her back and that is when the girl Liz, she comes, she jumps, she grabs me like this and I was struggling with her and that is when I felt her cut my face."

It appears the key was used to cut Andrea's face. Andrea tried to fight back but then other people came to help the attacker.

Andrea Prophete: "The guy with no shirt is hitting me. He is pulling my hair."

Andrea got up. The first thing she saw…

Andrea Prophete: "My daughter was standing by the door. My daughter was hysterical."

Andrea soon saw why her little girl was so traumatized.

Andrea Prophete: "I felt her cut me but I didn't realize how bad it was until they took me inside in front of a mirror. Oh my gosh, she tried to disfigure my whole face."

Police were called and Andrea was rushed to the hospital where she needed plastic surgery to repair her face, and the people who attacked her left and were never charged with committing any crimes.

Andrea Prophete: "They are walking around like nothing ever happened. No one has gotten arrested. No one is facing any consequences."

The attack was caught on camera and no-one was arrested. So Howard, is what appears to be a crime to the victim, always a crime?

Howard Finkelstein: "It's the old line, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's a duck. If a person is caught on camera hitting someone, it's usually a crime. However, sometimes for various reasons, the police don't file charges and let the state attorney make the decision."

Sunrise Police told us no one was arrested and charged that day because the people who were accused of attacking Andrea left and could not be found. Then the Sunrise Police wanted to interview the witnesses, look at the videos and let the Broward State Attorney decide if charges should be filed.

And they were.

The woman accused of cutting Andrea's face is Elizabeth Young. She was arrested in Vero Beach and was charged with aggravated battery. A 17-year-old accused of knocking on the door and hitting Andrea's brother-in-law was charged with burglary and battery. The state attorney will determine if she is prosecuted as an adult or a juvenile.

Howard Finkelstein: "Aggravated battery is very serious. That can get the adult 15 years in prison and if the 17-year-old is charged as an adult, burglary and battery could get you a life sentence."

Andrea Prophete: "I did see a difference in the urgency after I got in touch with you guys."

The two suspects are now out on bond but Andrea is hopeful they get what they deserve and go back to jail.

Andrea Prophete: "I'm dealing with possibly having a scar on my face for the rest of my life, so I want the worst possible punishment, if you want to be honest."

Patrick Fraser: "It took a while for the charges to be filed but they are serious, and why was the 17-year-old charged with burglary? Howard says when she knocked on the door and allegedly slugged the guy, once her fist crossed into the house to commit a crime, the law considers that burglary."

Feel like you have been sucker punched? Ready to fight back? The key is contacting us. We will take charge and lock up a solution for you.

With this Help Me Howard, I'm Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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