(WSVN) — Martin Amado: “When it comes to decorating our homes, usually the front entrance is the last priority. Well, on today’s Room for Improvement, I’m going to show you how this space can make a great first impression as soon as you open the front door.”

Martin Amado: “Alright, so we’re dealing with two things in this entrance. Number one, we have a high traffic area and number two, we have a large, empty wall behind me, which means the scale of the accessories and also the furniture, needs to be taken in to consideration.”

Martin Amado: “Love it. This glass top coffee table is the perfect piece.”

Martin Amado: “Instead of a console table, if your front entrance is narrow, you can actually use a floating ledge directly on the wall. Just make sure it’s deep enough.”

Martin Amado: “Now it’s time for wall art 101. Pay attention, there’s a quiz at the end.”

Martin Amado: “Alright! So what do you think, huh? It’s ok, but it’s not great. There’s a lot of empty space around the print which is a mistake I see a lot of homeowners make. But, we can still make this work”

Martin Amado: “Now, this makes a statement. By adding the two ledges on either side, the entire grouping fills up the wall nicely. This is the way to do it.”

Martin Amado: “Of course, another option is to make this simply a gallery wall. The lesson of the day is, you have to balance out the size of the wall with the size of the prints or accessories that you’re hanging on it.”

Martin Amado: “We all lose our keys and have mail and loose change everywhere around the house. So, a decorative box like this one is the perfect solution for everything. Keeps it all neat and tidy.”

Martin Amado: “These two cubes on either side give the foyer additional storage for shoes or backpacks or what have you, anything you want to hide, right? And I love it with a cushion on top, just like that.”

Martin Amado: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Martin Amado: “And the final touch is a hint of Fall that makes your foyer even more inviting.”

Martin Amado: “As you can see, there are many different ways to decorate a foyer. The point is that even though it’s a small space, it has a lot of potential to express your style. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for 7News.”

Looking for a makeover at a minimal cost? You can reach Martin by calling him at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME, or you can e-mail him at room@wsvn.com .

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