(WSVN) - A South Florida woman wanted to add more rooms to her home. The work was supposed to last a few months, but years later, she’s still waiting. 7’s Kevin Ozebek investigates.

This frame does not hold any pictures of family members or friends.

Instead, it carries a message that is helping Carolyn Richardson through a tough time.

Carolyn Richardson, homeowner: “Those three words mean a lot to me, ‘Pray, trust and wait.'”

And that’s because Carolyn is praying and trusting this addition onto to her home will finally be completed after waiting for years.

Kevin Ozebek: “How often do you come back here now?”

Carolyn Richardson: “I don’t.”

Carolyn moved into the home in 1991.

When her grandchildren came to live with her years later, it felt too small, so in 2015, Carolyn decided it was time to build an addition.

Carolyn Richardson: “I was adding on a master bedroom, bathroom and the living room. It was 800 square feet.”

Carolyn hired Genesis Development Group, LLC to do the work for $48,000.

The job was supposed to take 90 days. Six years later, it is still not finished.

Carolyn Richardson: “This is supposed to be my master suite. This is supposed to be the bedroom area.”

Wood framing is up, pipes and wiring have been installed, but there’s a lot Carolyn has paid for she has not received. There’s no drywall, the floors aren’t finished, and in here, what is supposed to be her master bathroom, there’s no sink or cabinetry.

Carolyn Richardson: “A bunch of mess! That what it is! A mess!”

In what should be her master bedroom, Carolyn stores bikes and Christmas decorations.

The family room is not finished, either.

Carolyn Richardson: “It’s just walls up! And you have a sliding door that doesn’t work, doesn’t lock.”

After waiting three more years for the work to be finished, Carolyn decided to file a complaint with the state.

She was told in 2019 that “formal charges in the form of an administrative complaint have been filed against the contractor,” but two years later, the case was dismissed for no probable cause, though state investigators wrote that Carolyn may be able to recover her loss in civil court.

Carolyn Richardson: “I felt deflated.”

Carolyn says when she reaches out to Valerie Brown, the owner of Genesis Development Group, LLC, there is often no answer, so we gave her a ring.

Kevin Ozebek: “Hi, Valerie Brown, this is Kevin Ozebek from WSVN Channel 7. How are you doing?”

Valerie Brown, owner, Genesis Development Group, LLC.: “I’m great. How are you?”

And Brown answered…

Kevin Ozebek: “Could you kind of walk us through why that work has not been done?”

Valerie Brown: “Things didn’t work out. I ended up losing my job, filing for bankruptcy. A lot of stuff happened, which I am still in bankruptcy.”

We asked if she intended to finish the job.

Valerie Brown: “Yes, I do have plans. It is just money has not been good. It is very unfortunate that it came to this, and I am sorry that she had to get you guys involved.”

Brown tells 7News that an illness also kept her from finishing the job.

She says she wants to get the work started by July or August.

Carolyn Richardson: “No, hopes are not high.”

Carolyn is so desperate to get the work done, she may ask her family for money to hire a new contractor.

In the meantime, Carolyn continues to pray, trust and wait, but she hopes she doesn’t have to wait much longer.

She’s afraid her two growing grandkids will be adults before the construction is finished.


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