(WSVN) - An investigation is underway at a county jail because of revelations an inmate got pregnant while behind bars. Now her family is demanding answers. 7’s Jessica Holly investigates.

The inmate has been here at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in West Miami-Dade for nearly two years. She should not have intimate contact with any man, but right now, she is now three months pregnant.

Having a relative behind bars is never easy. Crystal Bareto’s sister, Daisy Link, is an inmate at TGK.

Daisy recently called with disturbing news.

Crystal Bareto, Daisy’s sister: “She called us and told us that she had been sexually assaulted and that she was three months pregnant.”

The 28-year-old is locked on a charge of second-degree murder. She has been held at TGK with no bond since the summer of 2022.

Crystal Bareto, Daisy’s sister: “With all the things that are happening in there, we’re really, really scared for her life.”

Crystal filed a complaint with Miami-Dade Corrections. She says she was told there would be an investigation and not to reach out to the media.

Crystal Bareto, Daisy’s sister: “They are too worried about us going to the media, rather than trying to figure out how this happened to my sister, trying to protect her and take care of her.”

In a statement to 7 Investigates, Miami-Dade Corrections spokesperson Juan Diasgranados writes, “The inmate’s pregnancy was confirmed.”

However, Diasgranados writes, “There is no evidence of sexual battery on the inmate and the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy are under investigation.”

Crystal Bareto, Daisy’s sister: “She ended up pregnant under their watch. This should never happen. This is – this is horrifying.”

A source tells 7 Investigates that Daisy told jail investigators she impregnated herself with sperm passed to her from a male inmate.

But the family says Daisy told them she was ordered by guards to say that, which is why the family is asking the jail to find the father.

Crystal Bareto, Daisy’s sister: “Like, what next is gonna happen? We’re just really scared.”

Miami-Dade Corrections confirms that Daisy was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital to be checked out but was not given a rape kit.

Now the big question remains: how exactly did Daisy get pregnant behind bars?

Crystal Bareto, Daisy’s sister: “I feel like TGK needs to be investigated. This is absurd. This should not happen in a jail.”

But somehow it did, and once the baby is born, Daisy’s family is hoping they are granted custody.

The family said they have spoken with an investigator with Miami-Dade Corrections, and they are hoping to get some answers soon.


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