(WSVN) - Following a 7News investigation into fighting at a South Florida high school, a teacher is stepping forward to share the inside story. 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

We were first alerted by parents about fighting at South Plantation High School.

Brian Entin: “So how many kids in each fight, would you say?”

Bianca Garcia, parent: “Probably like 20. Like they’re just jumping each other.”

Dozens of students involved in all-out brawls.

And now, we’re hearing from someone on the inside — a teacher.

We’re not revealing the identity. The teacher’s exact words are being spoken by a 7News employee.

Teacher: “I don’t want to lose my job.”

Teacher: “This is a problem that needs to be addressed. A lot of people definitely want to sweep it under the rug, and that’s not the way to deal with things.”

The teacher says fighting in the school has gotten worse over the last several years, and there are now one or two fights a week.

Teacher: “When they fight, they definitely want to hurt each other. The other day someone got knocked out, you know, and sent to the hospital.”

This one happened the week students came back from Thanksgiving break. And days later, another fight in the street right outside the school.

Students ran into the road, stopping traffic.

Plantation Police showed up.

But the teacher says many fights are not reported to police or school administrators.

Brian Entin: “Why do you think so many of the fights go unreported?”

Teacher: “Because of the politics. Um, no one wants their school to be known as the school with a hundred fights or a thousand fights … or, you know, the school that is dangerous.”

There are three security specialists and one school resource officer allowed to break up fights.

Brian Entin: “More security guards would make a big difference?”

Teacher: “Absolutely. Everybody has been saying this for years.”

This teacher believes the school needs at least three more security specialists. We took those concerns to the school district — but they refused an on-camera interview and won’t say whether they’re considering adding more security.

The school district did say, “The administration at South Plantation High School along with the district’s special investigative unit and Plantation Police Department are working together to address concerns…”

Concerns parents and teachers hope don’t overshadow what so many say is otherwise a good school.

Teacher: “I would want my child to go there when he is of age. You don’t say that about a school that you look down on.”

We spoke to Plantation Police. They acknowledge that there are fights here, but say there’s not an “excessive amount.” They did say they arrested two students for fighting back in October.

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