South Florida moving company finds family’s belongings months after move

(WSVN) - A family moved to South Florida, but their belongings never made it. They thought they would never see their family heirlooms again. But now there’s a happy update just in time for the holidays. 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

Stephanie Biju, lost belongings: “We wanted to put our TV here and the coffee table here. Still waiting on it.”

When we met the Biju family in August. They were living in this empty Pembroke Pines house.

Stephanie Biju: “This is my brother’s room, and there’s absolutely nothing in here.”

The family moved from New Jersey to South Florida because the mom, Ringle, got a new nursing job.

But their moving company, Pompano Beach-based “American Van Lines,” couldn’t find their belongings.

Brian Entin: “We’re doing a story about the Biju family. They have been trying to find their stuff for over a month and they say that you lost it.”

David Stamey, operations manager: “Well currently, at this point in time, what it is … we believe we delivered to a different location. An incorrect location.”

The family got tired of waiting on their things and ended up moving back to New Jersey.

Then three months after the original move, the Bijus got the call they never thought would come.

Their belongings were found.

Stephanie Biju, belongings found: “We just never thought we would see it again in our whole lifetime, basically. So, we’re just very overwhelmed. When we first saw it, we were just overwhelmed with joy when we saw it. We were just so in shock.”

The company’s president says the Bijus belongings were located in an agent’s warehouse in New Jersey.

Stephanie Biju: “This is the lamp we were talking about.”

Now the family finally has their priceless heirlooms back.

And their traditional indian saris.

Stephanie Biju: “These are clothes that you cannot get again. Once you buy it, that’s it. You cannot find the same one ever again.”

American Van Lines says this is the first time something like this has ever happened, and they’re making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Stephanie Biju: “We just feel really overwhelmed and very happy. We didn’t think we would get all this stuff back.”

The Bijus say were refunded for the move and given an extra $500.


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