(WSVN) - A broken elevator at an assisted living facility has left some seniors in Hollywood stranded for almost a year. 7’s Heather Walker investigates

Eighty-two-year-old Gloria Usheroff has a bad heart and a hard time talking after suffering a stroke. But she doesn’t let that slow her down.

Gloria Usheroff, resident: “I want to go to bingo, and I can’t.”

Gloria lives at the Five Star Premier Residences in Hollywood. It’s a sprawling senior living apartment complex which boasts about having live entertainment, art classes and movie nights.

But Gloria, who lives on the fourth floor, has a hard time getting to any of those activities, because her elevator is broken.

Carol Flynn, Gloria’s sister: “Since April, when we had that big flood. The one that she depends on, water got into the bottom and ruined an electrical part.”

Gloria’s sister Carol says, while there are elevators working in the building, they are too far away for Gloria.

Carol Flynn: “With the short distance of the walking that she does, her breathing is so labored. She has to stop along the way, catch her breath and keep going.”

And since she eats in the community dining room, she has to make that trek at least twice a day.

Carol Flynn: “They have raised her rent over $700 since the elevator has been down. You don’t raise someone’s rent when they’re being inconvenienced like that.”

Carol says she has been in constant contact with building managers for almost a year.

Carol Flynn: “I have over 35 to 40 emails back and forth about the elevator.”

First, she was told there weren’t any parts because of COVID. Then, that the elevator would be fixed in November.

Now, three months later, the manager told her they’re waiting on an inspection from the county.

Carol Flynn: “I don’t know what to believe anymore. One hand, he’s telling me he’s got a two-week window and it’s going to be up and running. Next text, nothing. No inspection, not even a date now.”

A county spokesperson tells us they did inspect one elevator earlier this month, but it failed because of several violations. After we reached out, the county also discovered that the working elevators did not have the proper safety certifications, which for Carol, is the worst news for her sister.

Carol Flynn: “It just annoys me because I would move her in a heartbeat, Heather. But being she has aphasia and cannot communicate, it’s hard for her to make friends.”

We went to management to find out when the elevator would be fixed. They told us to contact the corporate office.

Days later, a spokesperson told 7 Investigates, the elevator near Gloria’s apartment was fixed, inspected and fully functional.

Carol Flynn: “And without you, what would we do?

Gloria Usheroff : “Right.”

Carol Flynn: “We owe you a ton of gratitude. Thank you so, so much for putting her smile back on her face.”

Now Gloria can once again enjoy all the activities with her friends.

Heather Walker, 7News.


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