Residents not receiving mail after letter carrier claims being chased by dog

(WSVN) - People in one South Florida neighborhood say they haven’t received mail in two months. These residents want this problem stamped out. 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

Even when Nancy isn’t in the office, she’s hard at work with her online business.

Nancy Nadal: “I place orders, I receive orders. My customers are depending on the orders.”

But in June, her business supplies stopped being delivered to her home, along with the rest of her mail. She now has to pick up her mail at the post office.

Nancy Nadal: “I pay for shipping for it to come to my house, not to go to the post office and sit there. And by the time I get off at 4:30, I have to try to catch the post office at 5. So it has become an inconvenience for me.”

And she isn’t alone. In June, the post office sent this note to her neighbors stating mail service was being stopped because the letter carrier was chased by a dog.

Claude Holiday, neighbor: “Dog chasing a mailman. That’s the reason I can’t get my mail in two months?”

Deogella Jean-Pierre, neighbor: “We don’t have dog, my neighbor doesn’t have dog, we don’t have dog over there, but we all suffer.”

Nancy says she was told by postal employees they wouldn’t be delivering mail until animal control declared the area safe.

So she called Miami-Dade Animal Services. What she found out surprised her.

Nancy Nadal: “They had already cleared it, and that they had the report to give to the post office that it was safe for them to resume the mail.”

7News was there when Animal Services searched the neighborhood. One citation was given for an animal not on a leash, but they didn’t find the dog the post office says is a threat.

Leonal Romero, Miami-Dade Animal Services: “It’s not any more danger than any other area. You’re always going to have stray dogs throughout the county.”

Animal Services says they’ve searched the neighborhood several times, but they haven’t found the dog that the postal service says is a threat.

Leonal Romero: “We’re willing to help with whatever they need but at this point, it’s become an issue between the post office and citizens.”

We reached out to the post office and were told the letter carrier tried to deliver mail again last week, but saw the dog and stopped.

In a statement, the U.S. Postal Service says: “It remains unsafe for our letter carrier to deliver the mail … and will resume delivery once the dog is restrained.”

Nancy Nadal: “So, if you never find the dog, does that mean you’ll never resume delivering mail again?”

Deogella Jean-Pierre: “For me, that’s not fair. It doesn’t make sense.”

Nancy and her neighbors think their frustrations are not being taken seriously. They say it’s the post office’s duty to their community to come up with a solution so their lives can go back to normal.

The dog has not been found but residents tell us mail delivery started again this week. Postal officials say a supervisor is checking the area daily and delivery will continue unless they see the dog again.

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