(WSVN) - A big benefit to condo living are the amenities. But residents in one community say they are paying for a pool they can’t use. So they turned to Kevin Ozebek and the 7 Investigates team for help.

On a scorching South Florida day, there’s nothing better than a dip in a pool. Unless it’s this pool at the Azul Kimberly Lake Condo Complex in Oakland Park.

Kevin Ozebek: “Describe the smell coming off this pool.”

William Cipriani/Condo owner: “It’s a stench. Something is foul. “I mean there are ducks, you know, defecating in it. There are algae growing.”

William Cipriani owns a unit here and reached out to 7 Investigates after the Florida Department of Health shut down the pool on May 18.

The state inspector listed violations that included, “Excessive algae” and “excessive debris, dirt, and leaves.”

The inspector also tested the water and found no chlorine.

William Cipriani: “Little kids, you know, jump in the pool and swallow it. They could get very sick. Even adults could get sick.”

And state records show this pool has been shut down before.

In September of last year, the health department closed it because the pool’s “Deck finish [was] In disrepair.”

A few months earlier, an inspector noted the water was green.

William pays more than $300 a month in association fees

He said in the past year, the pool has been closed more often than it has been open.

William Cipriani: “I’ve complained to the board, to the property management company. Please do your fiduciary responsibility and fix the pool before some kid gets seriously sick.”

Renters here are livid too, especially those with kids.

Stephanie Dunn/renter: “It’s terrible. They ask me to use it every day and I had to tell them, ‘No, I’m sorry, baby. We can’t go in the pool.'”

Also furious is Bob Berman.

He lives in this neighboring lake community and pays $65 a month to the condo association to use the pool.

Bob Berman: “All I know is I am paying for something I’m not getting. And I don’t like that.”

We reached out to The Azul at Kimberly Lake condo board and it’s the property management company.

The company told us, “The association hired a vendor to re-do the pool deck and had to wait a long time for a permit. Blaming it on the board, or management company without all the facts of the issue is both foolish and shortsighted.”

Kevin Ozebek: “What happened after we left?”

William Cipriani: “Thank God for Kevin. The next day, a pool company was out addressing the issues.”

Later the same week, an inspector returned and issued this report, saying the pool is up to state standards.

Bob Berman: “I can exercise in the pool, and I am finally getting what I pay for.”

Frustrations are finally cooling just as we get into the heat of summer.

But the euphoria was short-lived. Last week, a state inspector shut down the pool again.

Phoenix management told 7 Investigates on Wednesday that their pool vendor will be fixing a pH imbalance so it can reopen.

Kevin Ozebek, 7News.


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