(WSVN) - A South Florida man was looking for a new car, but instead of a sales pitch, he heard a “Racist Rant.” 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

David Davis was in the market for a new car. Instead, he got a racist earful.

Voice message: “He’s a [N-word]. So, it’s impossible, the [N-word] and the good credit and no car.”

David Davis: “When I first heard the message, I’m like, ‘Nah, he didn’t say that. He didn’t say that.’ But then, when he kept saying it, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, what’s wrong with this dude?’ I’m just trying to purchase a car.”

It started when David found a 2016 BMW he liked on Facebook Marketplace under the account PP Auto Sales MIA.

David was told to go to used car lot C & F Auto Sales in Davie for a test drive.

But when he got there, they didn’t have the car he picked out online.

David Davis: “I mean, why’d you call me way down here, and you don’t have the car?”

David went back on Facebook to PP Auto Sales MIA, to find out why the car advertised wasn’t on the lot.

David Davis: “My credit is perfect. He asked me about my credit, so I showed him what my credit number was.”

And that’s where this story takes an ugly turn.

David Davis: “I guess he thought he was talking to one of his employees.”

Audio messages from PP Auto Sales MIA, that were clearly meant to be sent to someone else, instead were being sent to David.

Voice message: “If this guy has a [expletive] credit, we need to put the [N-word] inside your BMW, or Mercedes, or whatever one.”

David Davis: “He started using the N-word and, ‘N-this, oh, put this n in anything he wants, he has the effing credit. Black people usually don’t have credit like this.’ So he basically wanted my money.”

Voice message: (laughs) “Ninety-five percent of my customers is black people, is a [N-word], or wherever one that you calling these people.”

So who is PP Auto Sales MIA, and what’s their connection to the car lot? I Facebook messaged them, emailed them and even called them, but we did not get the answers to our questions.

So we showed up at the used car lot.

Brian Entin: “Hi, is there a manager or an owner we can speak with? I’m a reporter from 7News.”

And played the recordings for the owner of C&F Auto Sales, Pablo Capaccio.

Brian Entin: “What’s your reaction to hearing the voice mails?”

Pablo Capaccio, C&F Auto Sales: “It’s horrible. It’s horrible. We don’t approve that as a business, you know?”

Capaccio says he has a small business, and they use outside brokers to send car buyers their way.

Brian Entin: “Do you know PP Auto Sales MIA?”

Pablo Capaccio: “No, I don’t.”

He says he doesn’t know all of the people who work with his sales staff.

Pablo Capaccio: “They have all their brokers and send them customers over. So, unfortunately, I have no control of all the people referring us customers.”

What he does have control over is how his customers are treated.

Brian Entin: “Will you work with this broker anymore?”

Pablo Capaccio: “No! Never. No, no, no, obviously not. I would just say I’m so sorry about what happened, and it’s a shame that today’s day, in 2020, there are people that still refer to other people like this, you know? It’s horrible.”

David Davis: “It shouldn’t be about color, no matter whether you’re black, white, Haitian, Puerto Rican, Jamaican — whatever. I just came to purchase a car.”

David did find the BMW he was looking for at a different car lot. Now he’s hoping to put the racist rant behind him.


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