Party’s Over: Davie homeowner forced to shut down parties held on his property

(WSVN) - A Davie man loves to throw parties at his home, but now the town has shut him down. The Nightteam’s Kevin Ozebek investigates why the party’s over.

Almost everyone likes to throw parties.

Claude Rayhome, likes parties: “Over here is the DJ. He sets up behind here.”

But Claude Rayhome is famous for them.

Claude Rayhome: “Some people have a hobby of gambling. Some people it’s fishing. Mine is just to have fun and see people have fun.”

Claude has been throwing big parties behind his acre-and-a-half home in Davie for seven years — celebrating Mardi Gras, Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

Claude Rayhome: “I’m a contractor, so I have a lot of leftover material. I built the stage. I made a couple bars.”

He posts party invitations on his Facebook page and asks friends to bring a dish, a bottle to share and a $10 donation to help pay the band.

People park their cars on his property.

Claude Rayhome: “A couple of days later, I’m looking at the pictures, and I see how much fun everybody had. It’s a good feeling to have friends and make a mark on this Earth before we go.”

But the fun came to a screeching halt in late June when Claude got this code violation notice about his annual pre-Fourth of July party.

Claude Rayhome: “It tells me to contact the special event coordinator, so I called him up, and he sent me to get an application for a permit for this. Then, all the sudden, I find out that zoning denied it.”

He went to the Town of Davie to plead his case in person, but it didn’t help.

Claude Rayhome: “They did not say anything about why I can’t have a party. It’s not about the noise. It’s not about anything I know of.”

7News made a request to the Town of Davie for any complaints at Claude’s address over the last two years.

The only thing on record were two code violations — one for having bulk trash being put out at the wrong time. The other was for his pre-Fourth of July unapproved special event, which he cancelled.

Claude Rayhome: “I’ve been doing this for seven years. There is no violation or any complaints of my neighbors. They’re all invited. This is private property. I do not understand why I need a permit.”

The Town of Davie refused to give 7News an interview but sent a statement saying, “…the Town must consider the impact of any special event upon the public’s health, safety and peaceful enjoyment of their properties.”

Claude Rayhome: “It was sad. After doing this for so many years, I would have liked to be the one to say, ‘That’s it. I’m done doing this,’ but not told by the city I can’t do this.”

But Claude’s not giving up. His birthday is coming up in October, and he wants to celebrate. He says he’ll reach out to the Town of Davie and try again.


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