Captain of Controversy: Trial Begins

WSVN — The trial of Francesco Schettino is such a big event in Italy that a theater has been converted into a courtroom. Schettino hasRead More

Club Cinema Lawsuit

WSVN — Club Cinema is well known for its concerts and its customers, some of whom show up barely dressed. Pompano Beach recently cracked downRead More

Check Trouble

WSVN — Carol Saxton: “It began with me mailing a check to my investment company.” Carol Saxton is the CEO of a Davie title company.Read More

Pill Mill update

WSVN — For the last eight weeks, 74-year-old Dr. Joseph Castronuovo and 43-year-old Dr. Cynthia Cadet have been on trial in West Palm Beach FederalRead More

Out of this World

WSVN — When most of us look up at the night sky, we see a place out of our reach. But when Patrick Ford starRead More

Department of Health – Anthony Bosch

WSVN — The Florida Department of Health determined Anthony Bosch, the man at the center of the baseball doping scandal, was acting as a doctorRead More

Corrections Parking

It’s early morning at the downtown Miami-Dade jail. The night shift is about to end, and every disabled spot is taken on the street betweenRead More

Truck Trouble

The Florida Everglades is a magical place for South Floridians who enjoy being outdoors. But it turns out alligators aren’t the only predators cruising AlligatorRead More

Department of Health

Christopher Knox was an investigator for the Department of Health in Miami-Dade. He says he did his job too well and was fired. Christopher Knox:Read More