Dr. Deaths?

WSVN — Forty-three-year-old Dr. Cynthia Cadet appeared confident as she entered the federal courthouse in Palm Beach for the beginning of her trial. She isRead More

Sad Sacrifices

WSVN — These little goats would not live long after being sold for sacrifice for $100 each. Richard Couto: “And this is how animal sacrificeRead More

Captain of Controversy: Trial Begins

WSVN — The trial of Francesco Schettino is such a big event in Italy that a theater has been converted into a courtroom. Schettino hasRead More

Club Cinema Lawsuit

WSVN — Club Cinema is well known for its concerts and its customers, some of whom show up barely dressed. Pompano Beach recently cracked downRead More

Check Trouble

WSVN — Carol Saxton: “It began with me mailing a check to my investment company.” Carol Saxton is the CEO of a Davie title company.Read More

Pill Mill update

WSVN — For the last eight weeks, 74-year-old Dr. Joseph Castronuovo and 43-year-old Dr. Cynthia Cadet have been on trial in West Palm Beach FederalRead More

Out of this World

WSVN — When most of us look up at the night sky, we see a place out of our reach. But when Patrick Ford starRead More

Department of Health – Anthony Bosch

WSVN — The Florida Department of Health determined Anthony Bosch, the man at the center of the baseball doping scandal, was acting as a doctorRead More

Corrections Parking

It’s early morning at the downtown Miami-Dade jail. The night shift is about to end, and every disabled spot is taken on the street betweenRead More

Truck Trouble

The Florida Everglades is a magical place for South Floridians who enjoy being outdoors. But it turns out alligators aren’t the only predators cruising AlligatorRead More