Risky Romance Follow-Up

WSVN — Ed Hill of the North Miami Beach Police Department has been the target of two internal affairs investigations. Both concluded with the findingRead More

Teen Attack on Tape

WSVN — This on-camera fist fight hit close to home for Kareen Vernon. Kareen Vernon: "This is where the fight started." The 16-year-old was justRead More

Cruel Intentions?

WSVN — Today, little Lydia Spencer is a thriving 1-year-old, but when she was just four months old, the State took her out of herRead More

Took Her Home

WSVN — Nina Valenica owned her Aventura condo free and clear. No mortgage, yet it was foreclosed on and sold. Nina Valencia: "I was completelyRead More

Hung Out

WSVN — For 27 years, Atlantic Coast Aircraft Storage rented out these hangers at North Perry Airport to private plane owners. It used to payRead More

Follow-Up on Michael Vargas

WSVN — Michael Vargas has been locked up in the Miami-Dade County Jail since late June. He'll be wearing jail house orange a while longer.Read More

Clinic Complaints

WSVN — The VIP Family Health Associates Clinic is located in a small office building in what neighbors say used to be a quiet cornerRead More

Price to Pay

WSVN — Criminals on probation never know when authorities will show up at the door. Deborah Miller, State Probation Department: "Hello, how are you? I'mRead More

Wheel Concerns

WSVN — Gourmet-style mobile food trucks are the hottest trend in fast food. They're a hit nationwide, and they're also rolling here in South Florida.Read More

Dr. Deaths?

WSVN — Forty-three-year-old Dr. Cynthia Cadet appeared confident as she entered the federal courthouse in Palm Beach for the beginning of her trial. She isRead More