Message in a Bottle

It’s a timeless tradition of the sea. A personal moment, captured, corked, and set adrift. Destination: unknown. Michael Simpson and Carmine Sorrentino (both reading backRead More

Short Yellow Light

WSVN — Three tenths of a second a miniscule amount of time, but just long enough to cause big problems at this busy Coral SpringsRead More

Rescue Right or Wrong

WSVN — It’s a Sunday afternoon and volunteers are combing through a farming area in Homestead. They’re looking for animals that need saving. This videoRead More

Mayor’s Ride

North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau made no apologies at a recent council meeting when she revealed that for the last couple of weeks, a cityRead More

Inside a Pill Mill

Derik Nolan: “If you’re just waiting to leave, waiting on somebody, I need you sitting over here, or gone.” That’s Derik Nolan barking orders andRead More

Adverse Possession Lesson

Carmel Cafiero: “I understand you guys are trying to file adverse possession?” Thirty-three-year-old Jason Banton, an unemployed air conditioning mechanic was already living in thisRead More

Doctors Crack Down on Doctors

When Dr. Lawrence Rothenberg of West Palm Beach came before the Florida Board of Medicine on charges he overprescribed dangerous narcotics. He might have expectedRead More

Corrections Parking Follow Up

It was early morning at Miami-Dade’s Pre-trial Detention Center, and every disabled parking space between the jail and the courthouse was taken. Carmel Cafiero: “GoodRead More

DUI Controversy

WSVN — It was a standard DUI roadside test and arrest last August, until the deputy turns his dashboard camera to the inside of hisRead More

Doctor Suspended

WSVN — Dr. Steven Brown was first busted by the Broward Sheriff's Office in March. The 45-year-old is accused of trafficking and possession of Oxycodone,Read More