Realtor Blues

  WSVN — Carmel Cafiero: “Good morning. Veronica Smith?” It was last February when we caught up with Veronica Smith outside her South Miami office.Read More

Medical Misrepresentations?

When we buy medicine especially for our children, we expect it to make them feel better. But a lawsuit accuses a manufacturer of selling productsRead More

Lawyer Without A License?

Patrick Pearce originally claimed he was the victim of people out to slander what he called his “impeccable character.” Patrick Pearce: “So what I doRead More

Service Dog Disservice?

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Canines in Court

The benefits of therapy dogs for soldiers seniors and the sick have been well documented, but a new program in South Florida is aiming toRead More


In headlines, it’s been called the “zombie drug,” a “nightmare,” and “cannibal heroin.” One look at how it ravages a person’s skin, and you canRead More

Citizens Lawsuit

WSVN — The only thing uglier than what lies beneath the foundation of these homes may be the fight between homeowners and their insurance companies.Read More

Message in a Bottle

It’s a timeless tradition of the sea. A personal moment, captured, corked, and set adrift. Destination: unknown. Michael Simpson and Carmine Sorrentino (both reading backRead More

Short Yellow Light

WSVN — Three tenths of a second a miniscule amount of time, but just long enough to cause big problems at this busy Coral SpringsRead More