(WSVN) - A South Florida man broke his much-needed scooter when he hit a bump in the sidewalk, and he couldn’t afford to fix it. 7 Investigates shared his story with you earlier this month. Now Brian Entin shows us how strangers stepped up to give that man his mobility back.

Roy Young, uses mobility scooter: “What little freedom you had is gone.”

The last time we saw Roy, he and his wife Judith were hoping Miami-Dade County would pay $700 to fix the scooter he needs to get around.

Judith Young, Roy’s wife: “As he was coming up the sidewalk, the front of the scooter obscured this piece of metal that’s sticking up out of the sidewalk.”

The metal post in the sidewalk broke the scooter. The county refused to pay the repair costs.

Judith Young: “This shouldn’t have even been there with no kind of a cautionary anything on it. No flags, no paint, nothing at all.”

After our story aired, complete strangers stepped up to help. There was a surprise knock on the door — and a new scooter.

Roy Young: “I was completely surprised.”

Judith Young: “I was at work, and my sister called, and she told me that some people came and dropped off a scooter.”

The woman who donated the scooter says it belonged to her husband, who passed away a few months ago. Roy’s story moved her to do something for neighbors she never met.

Roy Young: “People don’t have to help, so it was a very nice, touching thing.”

And there was another surprise from a different 7News viewer: a check to help pay for repairs to Roy’s original scooter.

Judith Young: “It just touched my heart to know that people actually would care enough to come and help a stranger.”

Roy Young: “It does restore your faith in humanity.”

The anonymous donors didn’t want to be interviewed or identified, which Judith says makes their donations even more special.

Judith Young: “They did it from the goodness of their heart and not for fame and recognition.”

Support from complete strangers, inspiring this couple to help others, too.

Judith Young: “I’m going to try and pay it forward.”

Roy Young: “The world would be a better place if more people were able to step up and help others.”


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