Miami-Dade Police investigating after 6-month-old baby dies choking on lollipop

(WSVN) - A family is grieving tonight after a 6-month-old baby died from choking on a lollipop. The baby’s mother is blaming the father and, now, police are involved. 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

Warnisha Davis was all smiles in these videos, laughing and playing with her 6-month-old son Marcell, Jr.

Warnisha Davis, mother: “He brought so much joy to my life. I love him so much. And now I can’t see him ever again.”

Little Marcell choked to death on something she says her baby should never have been given: a lollipop.

Warnisha Davis: “I loved my son with everything in me. I took care of him. And he took him away from me.”

Warnisha said the nightmare started when her son’s father took the baby after a violent argument on June 16.

Warnisha Davis: “He punched me in the face multiple times, he kicked me on the ground and he ran away with my baby.”

She called Miami-Dade Police and filed a domestic violence report, telling officers the father is homeless and left with no milk and no diapers.

She said police told her there was little they could do because he is the child’s legal father. Twelve hours later, she found out her baby was dead.

Warnisha Davis: “All I’m getting is stories from the detective and the police just saying that he gave the baby the lollipop and he dozed off. And when he woke up, he realized that the baby was gasping for air. I don’t even know where my baby died.”

7News was told 6-month-old Marcell was taken here to North Shore Medical Center on June 17. But the family says doctors told them by the time the baby got here, there was nothing they could do.

Crystal Davis, grandmother: “The doctor came in, telling us that he was sorry … that the baby died and swallowed a lollipop.”

The medical examiner ruled Marcell’s death an accidental choking.

The Department of Children and Families tells 7News they are devastated by Marcell’s passing and opened a child death investigation.

Miami-Dade Police are actively investigating both the baby’s death and the domestic violence allegations.

Warnisha Davis: “I need answers. I need justice for my son. Because he didn’t deserve this.”

Police say they’ll present all their evidence to the state attorney’s office.

This past Saturday, Warnisha laid her only child to rest.

The Florida Department of Children and Families statement released a statement that reads, “We are devastated after learning of Marcell’s passing and are supporting his family while they grieve. DCF has opened a child death investigation and will continue to support law enforcement during their investigation to hold anyone responsible accountable.”


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