(WSVN) - A Miami-Dade Police officer pulled his gun out in front of students at an elementary school in Northwest Miami-Dade. Tonight, that officer is suspended and under investigation. 7 Investigates’ Karen Hensel has the exclusive video.

It was morning drop-off time at Lakeview Elementary School on Feb. 11. A mother in the carpool line saw the officer with his hand on his gun, and she started recording.

Witness: “Hey, you got kids around.”

Lazaro Gonzalez, father: “Put the gun down. You got kids here, man.”

MDPD Officer Carlos Baez: “Stop, stop. I’m trying to get your information.”

The information Miami-Dade Police Officer Carlos Baez wants is the name of this father of a third grade student. The request was made with his gun out and in hand.

Baez again asks for the parent’s name and date of birth. Instead, the father just gives his address.

Lazaro Gonzalez: “That’s where I live at. Go get me.”

Officer Carlos Baez: “I’m not gonna do that, sir.”

So what started all this? Witnesses told us another parent called the father over to her car because both of their children accused each other of bullying. It was a parent-to-parent discussion described to us as calm.

But what happened next was anything but, after the mom requested a police report.

Mom who recorded video: “That’s where my confusion comes, because I didn’t see anything that would have caused him to take his gun out.”

This mom, who asked we not show her face, and her husband were so concerned, they sent their video to 7 Investigates.

Lazaro Mesa, dad who recorded video: “There was no need for him to even approach a situation with a gun drawn.”

Lazaro Gonzalez: “I work two jobs. I got four kids.”

The father in the video, Lazaro Gonzalez, was convicted of cocaine trafficking in 2013.

Gonzalez served time in prison and had just 10 months left on his probation. A violation could land him back behind bars.

Lazaro Gonzalez: “Now they run my name. For no reason I go to jail because you’re running my name.”

MDPD Officer Carlos Baez: “I’m not gonna run your name. It’s just a documentation.”

Lazaro Gonzalez: “I don’t want to be documented.”

And then more officers arrive.

Witness: “The cop just pulled out a gun in front of all those kids, and that’s not a crime?”

That’s when things turn heated. Another officer begins yelling at the couple recording.

Officer: “Was I talking to you?”

Witness: “She turned around screaming.”

Officer: “Was I talking to you?”

Witness: “Get your finger out of my face.”

Two other officers intervene and lead her away to her patrol car.

Officer: “I’m recording, too. I’m recording, too.”

Witness: “I pay your salary. I pay your taxes.”

Officer: “Here’s your dollar. Here’s your dollar.”

Watch as the officer tosses a dollar bill on the ground.

Meanwhile, the father finally gives officers all his information.

Lazaro Gonzalez: “You told me you wanted my name, I could go. I gave you my name and my date of birth.”

But, 14 minutes later, he is arrested.

Lazaro Gonzalez: “What did I do, though? I didn’t commit no crime.”

Gonzalez’s arrest report says he “…refused to provide… his personal information…” He is charged with resisting an officer without violence and disorderly conduct.

Lazaro Gonzalez: “So now you’re going to send me to jail to violate me, to go back to prison for 30 years, man?”

Officer: “Sir.”

Lazaro Gonzalez: “That’s what I’m facing, papo man.”

Officer: “That’s on you.”

Lazaro Gonzalez: “But what did I do wrong?”

That may be one of the questions facing Officer Carlos Baez. He is suspended and assigned to desk duty during an internal affairs investigation.

As for Lazaro Gonzalez, he spent nearly a month in jail, until the State Attorney’s Office asked the judge to release him, telling us they have some serious concerns about his arrest.


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