(WSVN) - A South Florida police officer was caught lying about what he did to a handcuffed man. It’s now coming to light because of surveillance video we are seeing for the first time. The Nightteam’s Brian Entin investigates.

The injuries to Howard Fabian’s face were serious.

Pictures of the 36-year-old in the hospital show him with a bloody, broken nose after a Hollywood Police officer kicked him in the head.

Brian Entin: “In this situation, is there any reason to kick someone like that?”

Jack Dale, law enforcement expert: “I can see no reason that he would kick him after he’s handcuffed.”

Officer Kwesi Alleyne said he spotted Fabian trespassing near this building in November 2017.

Fabian took off running, and in surveillance video obtained by 7News, you see him enter the frame as Officer Alleyne runs after him.

He hits Fabian in the face, gets him on the ground, handcuffs him, and then kicks Fabian so hard, it turns his head in the other direction.

We showed the video to Jack Dale, a former Broward Sheriff’s Office Colonel and expert when it comes to use-of-force.

Jack Dale: “Once the person is taken into custody and they stop resisting, then there is really no longer a justifiable reason to use force.”

But it is what Officer Alleyne did after the kick that Dale says was even worse.

In the arrest report, Alleyne wrote, “The defendant struck his face on pavement as a result of tripping…”

He did not mention the kick.

Jack Dale: “When a police officer is caught lying, those are career-enders. Those are violations that no longer allow them to continue in that capacity.”

And this was a career-ender for the officer. He was charged with battery and falsifying a public record and resigned before his department could fire him. And because Hollywood Police does not have body cameras, this surveillance camera is the only reason the truth came out.

The officer’s supervisor discovered the discrepancy between the video and the report.

The Hollywood Police chief turned down 7News’ request for an on-camera interview, but in a statement said, “The unacceptable acts committed by this individual do not exemplify our core values and in no way represents the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by our officers on a daily basis.”

No one answered the door at the former officer’s home, and he did not return 7News’ calls.

He was convicted of misdemeanor battery, has to take anger management classes and is now serving one year probation.

As for the victim, he didn’t want to go on camera but told 7News he is still traumatized and is moving out of Florida.

Full statement from Hollywood Police Chief Chris O’Brien:

“As soon as this incident was brought to my attention, I took immediate action, relieving him of all departmental duties and initiating an Internal Affairs investigation which led to the officer being charged criminally. We hold our duties to the community and the people we serve to the highest standards and with the utmost integrity. The unacceptable acts committed by this individual do not exemplify our core values and in no way represents the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by our officers on a daily basis. Not only do I hold our officers to the highest moral, professional and ethical standards, the officers are expected to hold themselves to these same standards. The Police Department has checks and balances in place to ensure officers who commit unprofessional and criminal acts are identified and held accountable for their actions. This was a self-initiated investigation directly resulting from the checks and balances currently in place.”


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