(WSVN) - Condo disputes in South Florida are nothing new. But in one community, it has gotten personal — and racist. 7’s Brian Entin has our special assignment report – “Guilt by Association?”

For 40 years, Gloria Davis worked long hours as a nurse. She moved into a condo at Washington Palms in Hollywood to retire and relax.

Gloria Davis: “I just wanted to move into a community that would take care of everything for me.”

But then, her monthly maintenance fees started rising.

Gloria Davis: “I said, ‘Let me get on the board and see what is going on,’ and that is what I did, and boy did I get an eye-opener.”

Gloria says there was a long list of condo owners not paying their fees.

She had to make tough decisions — like voting to go after delinquent unit owners.

Gloria Davis: “No one is going to control me and tell me how to vote, or when to vote.”

And that’s when it started. First, Gloria’s car got keyed — and then this racist letter — using the “n-word” — showed up in her mailbox.

Gloria Davis: “You dumb n*****. We take back our community committee. We want you out of Washington Palms community. This a warning.”

Brian Entin: “What was your first thought when you read that?”

Gloria Davis: “Here we go again.”

Gloria took the note to Hollywood Police — and they’re investigating.

Gloria Davis: “You can’t scare me off that easily. I’m a fighter.”

But Gloria says she doesn’t understand why the condo board isn’t doing more. She wants them to send a letter to all the residents here, telling them racism and threats will not be tolerated.

Eric Glazer, condo law expert: “It’s horrific. Horrible. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like that before.”

Condo law expert Eric Glazer says the board must take action.

Eric Glazer: “I think it’s a very big deal when you are going after a board member, specifically making those allegations because of their race, color, religion, etc. That presents a very significant problem for the association.”

The association’s attorney told 7News several things:

-This is a very contentious community.
-They’ve been discussing putting up security cameras.
-They are considering sending out a letter to residents about the threat.
-They want the person who sent it prosecuted.

Gloria Davis: “It is not easy because when you are walking up to your door, you are always looking over your shoulder.”

Gloria decided not to run again for the condo board, but she says she is not going to be scared away from her home.

Gloria Davis: “You know what? They can warn all they want. I’m not going anywhere.”

If police can figure out who sent the note — the condo’s attorney says he’ll help Gloria file a restraining order.

Brian Entin, 7News.

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