(WSVN) - They put their hard-earned money into a trucking company but said they didn’t get a return on their investment. Now, they’re suing.

7’s Kevin Ozebek investigates.

Big rigs. You see them everywhere hauling loads to make money.

When Gio West got a chance to invest in a commercial trucking business, it sounded like a great way to earn cash.

Gio West/Investor: “If i’m looking to invest into something, has to be something that makes sense. So at the time, it looked like it made sense.”

He’s talking about Movers and Shakers Logistic LLC owned by Jean Blanchard Mongeois in Palm Beach County.

Gio said Mongeois took him to see his trucks at this lot in Lake Worth.

Gio West: “I went to the yard, and when I saw the amount of trucks that was there, I was thinking to myself, ‘Ok, he said he’s making six figures weekly. Obviously this guy is doing something that’s working.'”

Gio says he invested about $40,000 in trucks and expected a nice return.

Gio West: “On a monthly basis, we were expecting anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. The truck on a monthly basis was making around $28,000 to like $35,000. That’s before expenses.”

But his dream of additional income fell flat.

Gio West: “I have to consistently keep reaching out, not even asking for money. How much did we earn from the truck at this moment? And there was never a deadline that was met.”

Gio soon found out he was nott alone.

Jason Au: “Just a nightmare at this point.”

Jason Au also gave Mongeois money to buy two semi-trucks.

Jason Au: “Initially, $137,000.”

Jason said they made money with the trucks in the first three months, but then the trucks broke down.

Jason was told the trucks had a one-year warranty but that wasn’t true.

He was charged thousands of dollars for repairs and storage fees.

Jason Au: “I’m not paying that, no. These trucks are in bad condition. It’s not what we asked for and we’re looking for justice here.”

Jason filed a lawsuit against Movers and Shakers Logistic LLC while his bills continue to mount.

Jason Au: “That’s total a little over $160,000 at this point.”

Gio West: “The next step is to try to get a lawyer.”

Gio has not filed suit, but he did file a police report against Mongeois with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Gio West: “He needs to be stopped and he needs to be stopped right away.”

With five active lawsuits in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, we reached out to Mongeois’ attorney to get his side of the story.

The attorney told us he would look into our interview request but we never heard from him again.

Jason Au: “At this point, I’m numb to this and I honestly just want to move on with my life.”

The company denied the claims in Jason’s lawsuit, but Jason created a website showing the pending litigation against Movers and Shakers Logistic LLC to warn other potential investors.

Jason Au: “I want people to be able to do research cause it wasn’t available to me.”

Both Jason and Gio say they will continue to try and recoup their money no matter how long it takes.

Kevin Ozebek, 7News.


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