(WSVN) - A former Veterans Affairs police officer and his brother are now admitting they took more than $100,000 from the VA. It was money for patients he was sworn to protect. 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

In 2014, Veterans Affairs police officer Adolfo Barros was honored for helping a vet in distress.

Adolfo Barros (in 2014): “It’s very exciting. However, this is part of our job, to save lives.”

Four years later, Barros is pleading guilty to stealing $116,590 from the V.A.

Brian Entin: “Mr. Barros, is there anything you want to say to the veterans who needed that money?”

Adolfo Barros: “No, I don’t. Talk to my attorney.”

We first confronted Barros after his arrest this summer.

He was working as a federal special agent investigating fraud. But now, he is the one admitting to stealing and also lying about a traumatic brain injury.

Barros said he suffered a concussion during missile attacks on the USS Ashland in 2005.

The former Marine served on the ship as a cook, but the ship was never hit by a missile.

Prosecutors say Barros submitted a “false and fraudulent” medical record to back up his claim for disability benefits.

Brian Entin: “The Feds say you claimed you were injured, but that you weren’t. And you scammed the system?”

Adolfo Barros: “No comment.”

U.S. Marshals arrested Barros’ brother, Daniel, when he landed at MIA after a European vacation.

He is also pleading guilty to stealing from the government.

Investigators say Adolfo signed Daniel up to be his paid caregiver. And for two years, they stole money intended for injured veterans and their families.

Daniel is no stranger to the law. He’s a registered sex offender and was arrested in 2011 after he impersonated a police officer and tried pulling a woman over.

He was driving a BMW equipped with lights and sirens.

Police say he was using his brother’s police credentials.

Now the Barros brothers could face 10 years in federal prison for stealing from the V.A. Their sentencing is set for December.

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